It is always best to call ahead and early for an appointment. We do understand that with children, nothing is ever planned; we make every attempt available to provide an appointment time that will accommodate hectic schedules.

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If an urgent situation should arise during regular office hours, please call our office and someone will help you immediately. If an urgent situation should arise after hours, call our regular office number and the pediatrician on-call will be paged. For emergencies that do not permit call back time, dial 911 and get immediate help.


   Healthcare coverage and costs can be overwhelming and confusing. Insurance plans and coverage are not all the same. Policies, deductible requirements, copays, and non-covered services can change from year to year. We encourage all families to review their policies early in the year.


We are here to help, please let us know if you have any questions regarding your billing statement balances and non/covered services. You may email us at or call our office 310-454-2296.